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Michael Ericksen
1 hr 14 mins 21 secs
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From the day we are born until the day we die we only have two choices in life. Are you going to spend your life serving yourself or are you going to live out your days serving God? In this message we make reference to the Church of Philadelphia as they were a church that modeled a community who was laying down their lives for God. They made one of the most crucial decisions that every Christian has to face in their walk with God. They chose to lay down their lives and die to self now, instead of being lukewarm like the Church to follow in the book of Revelation, Laodicea. Those who choose to lay down their lives for God will find that the Lord uses trials and tribulations to form them into His pure spotless Bride. God will never put those living for Him through trials unless those trials serve to refine you and bring healing into your life. Those who decide to serve self will be under the spirit of this world and their discipline will come the hard way, not through the gentle way that the Lord disciplines those seeking to serve Him. One way or another everyone will have to choose what system to be under. What are you going to decide? Serve God or serve self?
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