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Michael Ericksen
54 mins 38 secs
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Michael Ericksen
51 mins 1 sec
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This message stresses the importance of meditation and how it enriches our prayer life. If we meditate on the goodness of God and the good things we see in other people our lives will be full and we will be closer to God and to everyone around us. Meditation also helps you to have the resolve to overcome obstacles in your life and to enforce the God-reality of the truths He has told you.It is the key to pushing out all of the negativity that the devil brings and to keep a positive attitude. Our prayer lives are not complete without it.
Michael Ericksen
55 mins 10 secs
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This message is about knowing who you are in God and being everything that He has called you to be. It is an encouragement to keep running the race and fighting to be intimate with God instead of having a "What have you done for me lately" attitude. Being diligent to have that heart and to do the things God calls you to do will transform you into someone who reflects Christ's nature and into everything that He has called you to be so you will be wheat worthy and fit for Heaven.
Michael Ericksen
1 hr 10 mins 26 secs
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When life's troubles come your way it is easy to put the blame on those around you and project your faults onto them. When we do this we are being spiritual laziness and end up hurting those around us, while also failing to make any of the necessary changes needed to be right with the Lord. There are real consequence to spiritual laziness and when we fail to see what is really at stake we end up lacking the urgency needed to wake up and take a honest look at ourselves.
52 mins 24 secs
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This is a powerful testimony about the power of God returning to those Christian followers who are in union with Jesus. As God comes upon His people in power it will require a reverence for the Lord that the Church does not practice or understand. Those who do not revere God and His anointed will find themselves in the same shoes as Ananias and Sapphira in Acts. This testimony is about someone who experienced God's judgement because of a lack of reverence, yet upon repentance this person received a supernatural healing and a outpouring of God's mercy. The End-Times are upon us and those who profess to be followers of Jesus must begin to lives honoring to the Spirit of God that resides inside of them.
Michael Ericksen
1 hr 14 mins 21 secs
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From the day we are born until the day we die we only have two choices in life. Are you going to spend your life serving yourself or are you going to live out your days serving God? In this message we make reference to the Church of Philadelphia as they were a church that modeled a community who was laying down their lives for God. They made one of the most crucial decisions that every Christian has to face in their walk with God. They chose to lay down their lives and die to self now, instead of being lukewarm like the Church to follow in the book of Revelation, Laodicea. Those who choose to lay down their lives for God will find that the Lord uses trials and tribulations to form them into His pure spotless Bride. God will never put those living for Him through trials unless those trials serve to refine you and bring healing into your life. Those who decide to serve self will be under the spirit of this world and their discipline will come the hard way, not through the gentle way that the Lord disciplines those seeking to serve Him. One way or another everyone will have to choose what system to be under. What are you going to decide? Serve God or serve self?
Michael Ericksen
38 mins 47 secs
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This message is about having a fervent desire to know God and go deeper into union with Him. Pastor Mike shares his testimony of before coming into ministry how hungry and desperate he was for God and his journey to be closer to Him. This message is a call for other people to have that same heart and give everything to God.
Michael Ericksen
48 mins 19 secs
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This message is about having spiritual integrity with God and believing the things He tells you over what you see in the natural or what your intellect tells you. It also comes through doing what God says vs. doing what pleases man or looks good externally. For example, it is right to pay your bills on time but if is at the expense of what God is telling you to do then you are in sin. Jesus wants us to lay down our lives and desires and not put any obligations or agendas above doing his will. We have true spiritual integrity with Him when we live this way and He can trust us as faithful servants who are His ambassadors and devoted to Him.
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