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Michael Ericksen
1 hr 6 mins 15 secs
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This message defines real courage and shows how it is more than just a feeling and doesn't just come when you have an adrenaline rush or an instinctual reaction in a dangerous situation. Courage is not the absence of fear but it is facing things in life that come up even when you are afraid and everything inside you wants to run away. Also a person of courage is able to face correction and see bad things about themselves without crumbling or making excuses so they don't have to look at it and change. God calls us to be these people who hearken to His voice and do His will no matter what and are able to face great adversity without breaking rank. He wants us to be open to see the darkness in our hearts and not run from the Light but be lovers of His correction. This kind of courage can only come from God and takes great discipline and much prayer and is what brings us into union with Him.
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