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Michael Ericksen
51 mins 1 sec
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This message stresses the importance of meditation and how it enriches our prayer life. If we meditate on the goodness of God and the good things we see in other people our lives will be full and we will be closer to God and to everyone around us. Meditation also helps you to have the resolve to overcome obstacles in your life and to enforce the God-reality of the truths He has told you.It is the key to pushing out all of the negativity that the devil brings and to keep a positive attitude. Our prayer lives are not complete without it.
Michael Ericksen
54 mins 38 secs
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Michael Ericksen
50 mins 5 secs
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This message is based on a dream that the Lord had given me. He had shown me that there were many people in our ministry who were so focused on finishing the project at hand that they were not showing the respect and love deserved to those around them. It is so easy to get lost in a task oriented lifestyle. When you are so focused on what you have to finish you completely miss how special life is and how special are the people that God has surrounded us with. It is a major step in every believers spiritual maturity to learn how to live in the moment and experience God in the midst of whatever circumstances we have to face. God has called all believers to carry the utmost reverence and regard for God and the people in whom God resides inside of. Without that reverence and relational focus we find ourselves lost in "God projects", but with no God with us as we do them.
Michael Ericksen
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Michael Ericksen
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Michael Ericksen
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Michael Ericksen
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